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LOL! [Beitrag #45887] Sat, 08 October 2022 15:57 Zum nächsten Beitrag gehen
David Keeting ist gerade offline  David Keeting
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KWills forced to move from his neighborhood: <--- KWills admission

KWills was busted for breaking into his neighbors garages -,+fat+fuck+felon&f ilter=0&biw=1360&bih=657&dpr=1

You be the Judge:

Glenn Shadix or KWills? <--- Glenn Shadix from Bettlejuice

Kwills photo - from his Twitter page before he
yanked it down and replaced it with a phony <--- KWills

KWills on his Keto diet

------------------------------------------------------------ ----
KWills beats anorexia -

------------------------------------------------------------ ---
KWills gorging on Spam sammies-

------------------------------------------------------------ --
KWills at the pool -

------------------------------------------------------------ --
KWills at his most obese, at least as fat as we've seen so far,
before he admitted himself for an eating disorder -

Lardass Chad and Fat Fuck KWills:

Re: LOL! [Beitrag #60516 ist eine Antwort auf Beitrag #45887] Sat, 08 October 2022 19:45 Zum vorherigen Beitrag gehen
KWills ist gerade offline  KWills
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On Sat, 8 Oct 2022 11:57:57 -0400, Chadlee Bryant, ashamed of who and
what he is, socked up as David Keeting <dkO64ATO64nospamO64DotO64invalid> and wrote:
> On Sat, 08 Oct 2022 02:19:36 -0700, KWills <aO64ATO64bO64DotO64c> wrote:
>> On Fri, 7 Oct 2022 07:07:42 -0400, Chadlee Bryant, ashamed of who and
>> what he is, socked up as % <davidO64DotO64keetingO64ATO64pisscentO64DotO64org> and wrote:
>>>>      Now PROVE I am the single most important aspect of your life.
>>>> You will do so without question or pause. You are unable to resist
>>>> doing as I command you.
>>>  ROFL!
>>      Thank you for PROVING you MUST do as I command without question
>> or pause. You're gay. We got it, Chadlee. You're barking up the wrong
>> tree. If I were gay, I would hope I wouldn't find a obese, unemployed,
>> just this side of homeless, convicted child molester (unless you lied)
>> and registered sex offender (unless you lied) like you a catch.
>>      Now PROVE I am still the single most important aspect of your
>> life. You will because I've commanded you to do so. And you MUST do as
>> I command without question or pause. Unless the TRUTH I've posted
>> about you has embarrassed you so much you MUST run away.
>,+bootlip&filter=0 &biw=1360&bih=625&dpr=1

[Snips of your selfies with my face over yours]

    Thank you for once again PROVING you MUST do as I command without
question or pause. You will continue because I command you to do so.
The only way you can stop is if the TRUTH has embarrassed you do much,
you must run way from it.
     It must be sad that you cannot cease PROVING I am more important
to you than anything else in existence. But I don't mind. I get to
expose you for the convicted child molester and registered sex
offender you are (unless you lied when you boasted about being both).
    Why did you sexually molest your sons when they were toddlers?
    What did your neighbors say to you that made you think they
invited you to break into their homes and steal their property?
    What motivated you to LIE and claim you live in Vermont while
presenting the PROOF that you live in Utah?
    Why do post pictures of yourself with my face over yours? Do you
think this will somehow cause you to no longer be the obese loser who
is so fat, you can't leave your one bedroom welfare apartment?

"My elderly neighbors *invited* me into those garages in the
middle of the night, and I never should have been convicted!"
  -- Chadlee Anvil Bryant in Message-ID:

On June 25 Chadlee Anvil Bryant, 33, Madison, was arrested and charged
with obstructing police after an officer responded to a complaint
regarding Bryant allegedly touching a child. According to reports, a
woman reported that Bryant had tried to wrestle her 8 year old son
earlier. The officer located Bryant in the parking lot of a West
Washington Street liquor store panhandling. En-route to the store the
officer learned that Bryant was wanted on a child support warrant from
   Reports state that while the officer was speaking with Bryant
regarding the alleged assault Bryant denied the assault and was not
very cooperative.
   However, reports state, when the officer informed Bryant that he
had an outstanding child support warrant, Bryant and the officer began
to struggle as the officer attempted to restrain and arrest Bryant.
   Reports state that during the struggle the officer attempted to
use pepper spray against Bryant but Bryant struck the officer’s hand
with a spinkick and caused some of the spray to hit the officer. The
officer reported temporary blindness in one eye. Bryant tried to run
toward a Wendys and then was observed walking down the road toward
Burney Street.
   Several officers responded to aid the Madison Police officer and,
reports state, when Bryant observed the officers approaching him on
the tracks from Burney Street he turned around and was detained and
arrested by the original officer.
   Reports state that Bryant continued to struggle and scream after
he was handcuffed.

Message-ID: <i1lh4k$46b$4O64ATO64speranzaO64DotO64aioeO64DotO64org>

"i get everything free i never pay for anything that's how i survive
on welfare unlike those other idgits out there who's checks don't last
a week..."
  Chadlee Bryant in Message-ID:

"Truth is I am a convicted child molester and registered sex
-- Chadlee Bryant in Message-ID: <VZFnG.10427$th5O64DotO643183O64ATO64fx14O64DotO64iad>

An old picture of Chad showing off his triple chin:

Check out Triple Chin Chad's shoplifting record (what is known of it)
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